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  1. 2024-06-26 Testing MirageVPN against OpenVPNā„¢

    Some notes about how we test MirageVPN against OpenVPNā„¢

  2. 2024-06-17 MirageVPN server

    Announcement of our MirageVPN server.

  3. 2024-04-16 Speeding up MirageVPN and use it in the wild

    Performance engineering of MirageVPN, speeding it up by a factor of 25.

  4. 2024-02-21 GPTar

    Hybrid GUID partition table and tar archive

  5. 2024-02-13 Speeding elliptic curve cryptography

    How we improved the performance of elliptic curves by only modifying the underlying byte array

  6. 2024-02-11 Cooperation and Lwt.pause

    A disgression about Lwt and Miou

  7. 2024-02-03 Python's `str.__repr__()`

    Reimplementing Python string escaping in OCaml

  8. 2023-11-20 MirageVPN updated (AEAD, NCP)

    How we resurrected MirageVPN from its bitrot state

  9. 2023-11-14 MirageVPN & tls-crypt-v2

    How we implementated tls-crypt-v2 for miragevpn